One of the first stages in any construction project is to dig and lay the foundation. It includes removing the ground from the site and applying a concrete footing to support the building. If you’re considering digging a foundation for your home all by yourself, think again! It may seem like an easy task, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. Foundation excavation is a complex process that professionals should only handle. The following article explains why you should always go to professionals.

Purpose of Foundation

The primary purpose of a solid foundation is to support the weight of a structure. Because the concrete at the bottom is what the walls and supporting beams are connected to, it must be sturdy enough to keep all of that weight.

The quality of your foundation is determined by the materials you choose and how you construct them. Wood components of a home would absorb moisture and then soften, crack, split, or allow mold and mildew to develop if not supported by a solid foundation made of concrete or another dense and durable substance. A foundation protects a structure from water and extreme conditions and insulates the building. Water cannot seep into a solid concrete slab, which might cause the walls to bow. It also keeps the inside of your home pleasant by preventing heat transfer between the floor and the ground beneath.

Why Do Foundations Fail?

A well-constructed foundation should survive indefinitely since the size and kind of footing should be precisely determined and placed based on the dimensions of the building, location, and type of soil. Some foundations eventually collapse due to moisture concerns, causing walls to bow and flooring to slope unevenly. If the earth surrounding the foundation is too soggy

Ground movement may also cause foundation failure. If the concrete wasn’t fully compacted or allowed to cure, small movements in the ground might lead it to fracture.

Why Is it Dangerous to Perform DIY Work?

Excavation necessitates careful planning and the use of heavy equipment. To avoid the trench walls from collapsing on individuals, they must be braced as soon as possible. Digging into the ground might expose you to electricity lines that run through the earth and might cause electric shocks if they’re struck. Workers also require masks to protect them from dirt and debris while digging and hardhats to guard against large pebbles falling on them and injuring them.


Aside from the fact that employing specialists to dig foundations is safer, there are several additional reasons to hire experts for this work. Their digging of foundations may be less expensive than renting equipment required to clear a large area and then have someone haul away displaced dirt, and they will have insurance that covers the expense of the damaged property. You’ll also save time by hiring professionals since they’ll take care of everything from obtaining all necessary permits to ensuring that your new foundation is correctly dug before any work begins. With professionals on-site, you’ll get an adequately dug trench or pit for your new foundation, and rest assured that the task will be completed promptly and safely.

If you’re looking for professionals, you’ve come to the right place. Contact J Bond Construction today to discuss your next project!

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