Whether your house is old or new, maintaining its structural integrity is of utmost importance – after all, it keeps everyone inside safe and comfortable. By understanding the signs that indicate an issue with your home’s foundation, you can help prevent future costly problems and ensure that repairs are made as soon as possible. In this blog post, we’ll go over when you may need to excavate your home’s foundation. Let’s go!

When There Is Evidence of Structural Damage

Suppose there are visible signs of damage to the foundation of your home or any surrounding structures. In that case, it is important to excavate immediately to assess the extent of the damage and determine what needs to be done. 

Signs of structural damage include:

  • Cracking walls, doors, and windows that do not open or close properly
  • Flooring that sags or slopes
  • Foundation walls that are leaning, bulging, or bowing outward

When You Notice Cracks in the Foundation

If you notice any large, horizontal, or stair-step cracks in your home’s foundation walls, then there’s a good chance that excavation may be necessary. 

These types of cracks indicate significant movement in the foundation and can be a sign of a potentially serious problem beneath the surface.

Before Installing a Swimming Pool

Are you planning to install a swimming pool in the near future? In that case, it is important to excavate the area beforehand to ensure that the soil underneath is stable, and there are no underground pipes or wires that could be damaged during the installation process.

Before Making Major Renovations or Additions

If you plan to make any major renovations or additions to your home, then there may be some excavation work involved. Depending on the type of renovation or addition, it may be important to excavate the area before construction to check for any potential problems that changes in the foundation could cause. This can help prevent future structural issues and costly repairs down the line.

If You Suspect a Slab Leak

If you notice any water damage or a musty smell in your home, you may need to excavate the area to locate and repair the leak. Slab leaks can cause serious problems if left untreated, so it is important to take action as soon as possible.

After Natural Disasters or Extreme Weather Events

After a major natural disaster or extreme weather event such as an earthquake, flood, hurricane, or tornado, you may need to excavate the area to assess any potential damage to your foundation. This can help ensure that your home’s foundation is still structurally sound and there are no hidden issues beneath the surface.


If you suspect any of the above, then you may need to excavate your home’s foundation. You don’t want to take chances with something as important as your foundation, as you’re likely going to want to hold onto your investment for years to come.

Are you in need of excavation services? We’d be happy to help! Click here to get in touch with J Bond Construction today.

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