When many people think of construction, they may picture workers hammering boards together and laying down bricks. However, there are some other things that often need to be done before they break out these tools and materials, and one of the most important is excavation. 

This is the process of removing earth to make room for the foundation of the building or other project, and it can be a rather complex job. That’s why you need an experienced excavating contractor to get it done right. In this blog post, we will shed some more light on what an excavating contractor does, and how they can help your construction project go smoothly.

Project Planning 

Excavating contractors don’t just show up to the job site and start digging – they need to put in the time and effort to figure out the best way of completing their work.  This means planning out each step of the excavation process and determining the necessary tools and equipment to make sure that everything goes off without a hitch.

This includes working with the architect and engineer to make sure that the excavation is done in accordance with the design of the building. This is important, as excavation can affect things like the foundation and stability of a structure. You certainly don’t want it coming down on you unexpectedly!

Site Preparation 

After the plans are finalized, the excavating contractor will begin preparing the site. This  may include things like removing trees and brush, marking off the area that requires excavation, and taking appropriate safety measures.


Now it’s time for the fun part – actually excavating the site! The contractor will use their years of experience and expertise to carefully remove the earth, making sure not to damage any nearby structures in the process.

Once they’re removed enough dirt to get the required depth, an excavating contractor will do compaction tests on the ground to see if it’s firm enough to support the building. If not, they will compact the soil with specialized equipment to ensure a solid foundation.

Finishing Touches 

Once the excavation is complete, there may still be some finishing touches that need to be done. This may include things like installing drainage systems or putting down foundation pads. 

Underground Utilities

In some cases, an excavating contractor may also be responsible for installing underground utilities, like water and sewer lines. As with all other areas of excavating, this requires careful work, as it’s important to avoid interfering with any existing utility lines during the digging and installation progress. If you do, you can cause some serious damage – not to mention expensive repairs.

Road Construction 

There’s yet another service that excavating contractors may also be called upon to provide – help with road construction projects. This often includes grading and paving the road surface, as well as installing the necessary drainage and curbing.

As you can see, an excavating contractor is able to provide a variety of services, and is an important part of any construction project. If you’re in need of any excavation services, be sure to contact a reputable and experienced contractor to get the job done right like – JBond Construction 


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