When excavating a new home or office, it is important to know where all the underground utility lines are located. Excavating without knowing where these lines are can result in some serious consequences. In this blog post we’ll discuss why it is so important to locate utilities before excavating.

Damage to Underground Utilities Can Be Costly and Dangerous

It is important to always call before you dig in order to prevent some costly and dangerous situations. If you hit a gas line, it could result in an explosion or fire. Water and sewer lines are also vulnerable to being hit and can cause significant flooding or sewage backup in homes. Even a small dent in an underground power line can create sparks that could ignite a fire.

Locating Utilities Before Excavation Is the Law in Most Areas

It is important to locate utilities before excavating because it is the law in most areas. This is because you can damage underground utilities when you excavate without locating them first. This can cause injuries, loss of service, and expensive repair bills. There are several ways to locate utilities, including contacting your local utility companies, using a metal detector, or using a special locator device.

Once you have located the utilities, you can mark them with flags or paint so that you know where they are when you start excavating. Excavating around utilities can be tricky, but taking the time to do it safely is important. These simple steps will help ensure you stay safe and avoid costly repairs.

Work With Your Local Utility Locating Company

Taking a few precautions can save time and money, and even keep your project on schedule. Fortunately, it’s not difficult to do. Depending on your area, those doing excavation projects often must call their local utility locating center at least two business days before digging by law. Doing so will help prevent damages that could result in fines, utility service interruptions, and serious injuries.

When you call, the operators will take down your information and notify the appropriate utilities about your intent to dig. Within a few days, a locator will come to your site to mark the approximate locations of underground utility lines with paint, flags, or both. It is important to know that even if there are no utilities in your proposed excavation area, you should still call to have the area marked as clear of underground lines. This will help prevent future conflicts with buried facilities excavating in that area.


When excavating it is important to know where the underground utilities are, as this will help prevent any damage and also keep everyone safe. Fortunately, it can be a pretty simple process. By getting in touch with a professional utility locating company, they can help you identify these locations so that your excavation project goes as smoothly as possible. Good luck on your next project!

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