Sinkholes are a fascinating phenomenon that occurs when surface water erodes rock layers below the ground, leading to a depression in the earth’s surface. They come in various shapes and sizes, causing different levels of damage, and can appear suddenly or slowly over time. In this blog post, we’ll explore some common signs of sinkholes and how they affect our environment.

1) Cracks in Walls or Floors

Small cracks in the walls or floors of a home are one of the most common signs that a sinkhole may be forming beneath the surface. These cracks often appear as horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines running through the wall. 

These form due to the shifting of rock layers beneath, which can cause stress on the surface above it.

2) Changes in Ground Level

If a sinkhole forms, the ground adjacent may start to sink. This is often seen in areas of lawn or pavement, which may look like they are sinking downwards due to the erosion below. 

Sinkholes form when water erodes layers of soil or rock beneath the surface, causing a depression in the ground. This can be detected through changes in the ground level, such as sudden dips or hollows.

3) Pooling Water

When a sinkhole is forming, it can cause small pools of water to form. This is due to the underground water being displaced and pushed up through the opening in the ground.

Sinkholes will often fill up with water due to underground aquifers being exposed and allowing water to rise to the surface. When this happens, pools of water may form around the sinkhole, and can be a clear sign of their presence.

4) Unexplained Noises

Strange rumbling or popping noises may come from a sinkhole as the rock layers below start to shift. You may even hear something like the cracking or falling of trees!

See, trees planted near a sinkhole will often begin to tilt as the ground beneath them erodes. This is because their roots cannot support them in an uneven landscape, causing them to lean toward the sinkhole.

So, if you hear any strange noises (or notice a tree tilting first!), be on the lookout for a sinkhole.

5) Sudden Collapse

The most dramatic sign of a sinkhole is when the ground suddenly collapses, often without warning. This is due to large amounts of water eroding layers of soil or rock below the surface, causing it to become unstable and unable to support the weight of the structure above it. 

As you can probably imagine, sinkholes are a serious hazard for any location affected, as they can cause major property damage and even put lives in danger.


If you notice any of these common signs of sinkholes, it is important to act fast and call a professional as soon as possible. The sooner you can have someone come in and tend to the problem the better, so don’t hesitate to reach out for help.

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